Book 30 New Patients Monthly
With Zero Dental Marketing Knowledge

Book 30 New Patients Monthly With Zero Dental Marketing Knowledge

This is based on the sold-out dental marketing course from the University of Toronto
Our tips are based on the data analyzed across 60,000 booked patients

Discover These Dental Marketing Secrets
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How to book an additional 30 new patients a month without any dental marketing knowledge

Top 5 essential dental marketing trends and the biggest mistakes dental practices make

How to Book Patients Automatically by Selecting the Right Dental Marketing Agency

Double your new patients next month by leveraging post pandemic dental marketing

Tips Taken Straight from

University of Toronto's Sold-out Course

Tips Taken Straight from University of Toronto's Sold-out Course

Our video series gives you an overview of the sold-out course taken at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Dentistry. The Dental Marketing course under the Continuing Dental Education division of the university aims to equip dental professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their private practice.

The success of your private dental practice not just relies on the quality of your treatments but also on your ability to attract new patients. The tips we'll share with you are backed by facts, with the data analyzed across 60,000 booked patients.

Learn The Ins and Outs

of Dental Marketing From an Expert

Sharky Liu

Founder and CEO of Dentistfind
Dental Marketing Lecturer at University of Toronto

Sharky Liu is the founder and CEO of DentistFind, a results-driven dental marketing platform and marketing service that applies an analytical and data-based approach to increase new patient acquisition. DentistFind has successfully increased the number of dental office bookings for its clients by at least 40%. Sharky also founded the sold-out Dental Marketing Conference, an annual event featuring leaders in the dental marketing sector, and the Dental Marketing & Social Media Fundamentals course for the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Before DentistFind, we hired several internet companies but were only booking a couple of new patients from online (a month). Since we started with DentistFind, our patient booking has gone up more than 4 folds and now the majority of our patients are from online marketing"

Dr. Amelia Chan
Downtown Dentistry

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